what we do

We’re here for you and all of your “minimalizing” needs – trucking your trash so you don’t have to.


Here at trash-trucking, we offer full-service trash removal where we recycle, donate, or dispose of everything from old appliances to those not-so-attractive lawn ornaments you call “project cars.”


We take care of the heavy lifting for you. Don’t worry about messing with calling your best friend’s brother for his truck and then guilting him in to helping you. Who has time for that anyways?

We’ve got you covered. We will meet your trash where it is and help it find it’s way to our trucks. All you’ll do is point.

We do the moving, loading, and disposing of your unwanted items.

Check out our list of What We Take & How It Works.

Home Remodeling Tear Out, Tear Down, and Trash-Trucking

Have some home projects in mind? We tear out, tear down, and trash whatever you need in order to get your house remodel-ready. From flooring, doors, and trim to kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures, let us do the dirty work for you.